Client Testimonials

"Really appreciate your consultation. I feel much more confident that I am using NVivo in an effective way and I have a better grasp of some of the many options available to me!"
Jessica M
Research and Evaluation Manager
“Your 10 tips webinar was excellent. Well paced, information succinct and well articulated, plenty of time for questions.”
Professor Emerita
“That was a super helpful session, thank you. I learned a lot. I feel like I am in a good place with the project now – I really appreciated having your expert eyes on it! I will follow up with you if I have any more questions or need more help.”
Mark V
(PhD) University Instructor
“The tips are so, so helpful especially at project start up.”
Amanda B
Project Coordinator
Quote Right
“I am making great progress on my dissertation. I completed 25 pages of findings and was able to include some visuals. I think that I am rolling for now. You were such a big help to me. I can't thank you enough. I will let you know when I am done!”
Jodi C
Candidate for Doctorate of Business Administration
“Excellent introduction to using NVivo in Teams with great tips on how to use the technology efficiently. I also appreciated instructions on how to navigate the finer points of optimisation and compatibility.”
Webinar participant
“You really saved our team. We had been having numerous challenges working across different versions of NVivo and were having no luck. I am so glad I found you for future NVivo crises. Oh and FYI, our project is really doing well now. We will hopefully have a draft of the manuscript by the end of August.”
Dr. KH
Assistant Professor
“I did my first official NVivo project merge yesterday. It went well, and all projects are successfully merged. I wanted to thank you for the guidance/training on the NVivo merge processes and the recommendations! I can't even imagine how long it would have taken me without knowing about this! Thank you!”
Terry S
Research Team Lead
“Honestly I'm not sure what I'd have done without you and you were a lifesaver yesterday with answering my question so quickly...I got your email and immediately used your advice and proceeded to analyse a staggering amount of data for about the next 10 hours. By the time I emerged from NVIVO-land I had a completed report and a huge sense of achievement and that would not have happened without you, so thank you.”
Carolyn O
“Everything was very helpful. Great pace. Very accessible.”
Consultation participant
Quote Right
“It was really informative and really clear. I like that you had a lot of time for questions and that you were always able to help if someone had an issue.”
Consultation participant