NVivo Training

Learn how to make NVivo work for you!

QuotesWork NVivo Training offers you convenient and affordable opportunities to learn about NVivo through webinars and online classes. Laura presents topic-specific content in short sessions that include the opportunity for questions. Training is offered regularly so you can learn at your own pace. Mix and match the sessions to suit you and your qualitative data analysis and project progress.


QW Webinars

QuotesWork NVivo webinars are free, 1 hour, live on-line presentations. They provide opportunities for you to learn more about NVivo and Laura’s services. Topics vary and webinars are repeated based on participant interest and feedback. Join us to learn more about QuotesWork and NVivo.

10 Tips for Working with NVivo in Teams

This webinar provides tips and resources that help you get things running smoothly in your NVivo project and team. It will be most effective for those who are somewhat familiar with NVivo and are just getting started in teamwork, or those who have already started and need some help.

Let's Ask Laura

Do you have a specific question about NVivo? Register for this webinar and submit your question(s) in advance. Laura will theme and answer the most common questions in the first part of the webinar. In the second part, there will be time for live questions – and Laura will do her best to answer them.

Tour the New NVivo

In this webinar we will tour NVivo (March 2020 release) and provide an overview of several features that I really like. It is offered in NVivo for Windows and NVivo for Mac. To get the most out of this demo, register for the one that matches the program you use.
Online Classes

QW Online Classes

QuotesWork NVivo online classes (1 hour) draw on Laura’s insights and experience using NVivo in her own work and her expertise as an NVivo Certified Trainer. Classes focus on specific topics so you can invest your time and energy learning just what you need to know to make NVivo work for you. The live online setting and small group size (classes are limited enrollment) allow for interaction – participant questions and discussion.

Classes are aligned in learning pathways based on two criteria:

  • Data format (i.e., documents, spreadsheet, other [e.g., pictures, social media])
  • NVivo program (NVivo for Windows or NVivo for Mac)

Full descriptions for our first series of classes that cover the basics of working in NVivo are coming soon. The classes will be on the schedule for Fall 2022. Check back later!