Providing NVivo
Services Since 2000

NVivo Training & Consulting

NVivo is a popular qualitative data analysis software from Lumivero (formerly QSR International). 

Laura at QuotesWork is a Certified NVivo Trainer and offers a mix of NVivo support services online and in-person:

  • Webinars that offer broad insights;
  • Online courses that provide topic-specific training; and
  • Customized consulting that tailors the instruction to you, your project, and your team. 

Services are offered for NVivo for Windows and NVivo for Mac

QW NVivo Training

At QuotesWork, online instruction makes NVivo training convenient and accessible. Choose options that suit your budget and learning needs.

QW NVivo Consulting

Laura consults with individuals and groups to provide customized NVivo instruction and NVivo project support, through online and in-person services.

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