Laura at GroupsWork offers NVivo Consulting and Custom Services

Laura consults with individuals and groups to provide custom NVivo training and support. Laura can teach, coach, mentor, and lead you or your team through all phases of evidence gathering and analysis. She modifies her services to match your needs, use and application of NVivo in qualitative and mixed methods work.

Consulting services are a good option when:

  • starting an NVivo project with a new team
  • classroom or online training does not sufficiently cover the content you need
  • you prefer learning in a one-on-one setting
  • your team members have varying levels of NVivo experience

Custom Sessions and Services‚Äč

Have an NVivo training need that is not met by the descriptions you see here? Laura also provides variations of her services such as:

  • classroom settings where computers and NVivo software are provided
  • full day workshops provided in other locations

Contact Laura using the following form to discuss your needs and find options that will work for you.



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