NVivo Consulting

Customized NVivo Training & Project Support

Consulting allows you to work directly with Laura to customize NVivo instruction and its application to your context. Laura will work with you to determine your needs then match her services to meet them. She can create, and deliver online or in-person, NVivo instruction to suit your group’s current level of NVivo experience, and tailor the content to match your project’s methods, data and analysis plans. Laura can teach, coach, mentor, and lead you or your team through all phases of qualitative evidence gathering, analysis and reporting.

Consulting services are a good option when:

  • starting an NVivo project with a new team
  • basic training does not sufficiently cover the content you need
  • you prefer learning in a one-on-one setting
  • your team members have varying levels of NVivo experience
  • your group would benefit most from an in-person workshop

Need custom NVivo consulting?

Want to discuss your NVivo learning needs or project to see if QuotesWork NVivo Consulting is right for you?

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