The New NVivo

I have been using NVivo since it was called by its original name (anyone else remember that?), so I have experienced the evolution of this qualitative analysis software through multiple versions. With each release, I am excited to discover what’s new, what’s different, and what improvements have been made.

Let me introduce two of the new features in NVivo that I really like: Autosave and Collaboration Cloud.


If you are an NVivo for Windows user, you are likely familiar with the prompts to save NVivo every few minutes. I personally found them necessary but tiresome.

If you are an NVivo for Mac user, you do not have those prompts – which means the onus is on you to remember to regularly save your project.

Good news! In the new NVivo you can set your project to “Autosave” and eliminate the prompts and the worry about when to save. But there is a caution around using Autosave in Windows – it disables the Undo feature. I show where these options live, and explain more, in my free webinar “Tour the New NVivo”.

Collaboration Cloud

If your team has ever struggled with sharing NVivo projects and keeping them correctly named and organized, you may be interested in Collaboration Cloud – a new NVivo add on (an extra cost, but it can be worth it). It allows you to easily share projects, making it especially valuable when working in small teams across institutions or organizations. Only assigned team members can access the Cloud, keeping your project secure. Best of all, team members can designate their project with a status such as “ready for merging” to keep your work processes flowing smoothly.


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