Calling Qualitative Methods Instructors

If you are teaching a qualitative methods class this fall (or taking one), consider the benefits of having Laura introduce NVivo to your class in an online introductory session.

Advantages of having students learn more about NVivo include:

  • Busts some myths and raises awareness of the advantages and limitations of using qualitative analysis software
  • Broadens understanding of the “hands on” ways qualitative analysis work gets done
  • Introduces students to NVivo so that they may take advantage of student pricing or NVivo site licenses if available at your college or university
  • And maybe even brings out the inner researcher in budding graduate students (no guarantees on this one, but I have witnessed it!)

Here’s how it works:

  • Laura works with you in advance of the session to learn more about your class and your approach to teaching qualitative methods.
  • We schedule the NVivo session in your usual class time, if possible.
  • We aim to time the NVivo session when students are learning about qualitative data analysis – ideally just as they are carrying out a qualitative data collection assignment such as interviewing.

The details:

  • Sessions are 2 hours, taught online via Zoom in the latest version of NVivo for Windows or NVivo for Mac. (Important: Only one program will be covered in a 2-hour session – either NVivo for Windows or NVivo for Mac, but not both.)
  • In the session, Laura:
    • Provides an overview of how NVivo can be used
    • Introduces students to the NVivo workspace
    • Teaches how to import documents and begin coding – with students using their own data if possible
    • Introduces two NVivo queries – word frequency query and text search query
  • Session fee includes pre-class planning with the instructor, attendance of up to 25 students, and a link to the session’s Zoom recording available to the class’s students for one month after the session.

Introduce NVivo to your Class

Interested and want to find out more about booking a session? Use the QuotesWork contact form to connect with Laura, or if you prefer, email her directly at

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