Identifying Coders

There are many ways team projects are accomplished in NVivo. One of the most common is to create a master project that is copied and distributed to each of the coding team members.

Each person works independently on their assigned tasks in their own copy of the NVivo project until it’s time for a team meeting. The team members’ project copies are then gathered and merged so coding and analysis notes can be compared.

The team makes decisions about the codes and coding structure. A new master project is created, and again copied and distributed to each of the coding team members. The process repeats until coding and analysis are complete.

Here’s a tip to ease the process of comparison. Set up your NVivo project to ensure the work of each team member is tracked and identifiable from the work of other team members. It’s a quick and easy step that I show you in a short video – one for Windows and one for Mac.

"How to" in NVivo for Windows

"How to" in NVivo for Mac


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