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Laura Lagendyk
Laura Lagendyk

I teach NVivo because I believe…

There is power in qualitative data. NVivo can help you release that power.

I have years of experience leading teams using NVivo in qualitative and mixed methods projects. I enjoy using the knowledge I have gained to help others apply NVivo in their work.

As a QSR Certified Platinum trainer, I can help you learn how to make NVivo work for you.

About me

For 25+ years, I have used NVivo in academia and the healthcare system in a wide variety of research and evaluation projects. 

I have been teaching others how to use NVivo for almost as long – informally in my project teams and formally in workshops, webinars, and consulting. 

Laura Lagendyk, Founder of QuotesWork

More about me ...

I have used NVivo throughout my career working in academia and the healthcare system.

I have hands-on experience leading projects and teams through all phases of qualitative and mixed methods research and evaluation. I have worked with a range of qualitative methods, analysis approaches, and data formats. I have worked with a variety of stakeholder groups, including vulnerable populations, Indigenous women (on and off reserve), healthcare providers, patients and family, children and youth, physicians, senior and executive leaders, and decision makers. I have conducted hundreds of interviews and focus groups.

I started teaching NVivo to other members of the research teams in which I worked. I then began teaching NVivo in workshops at conferences and for government, universities, and other organizations. I expanded to consulting with individuals and research teams using NVivo – and by teaching in online settings.

I am a certified trainer through Lumivero (the software company that owns NVivo) and regularly present webinars in their NVivo Community.

I draw on my research and training experience to fully understand the needs of my clients and match my services to fit – offering training and consultation to help you learn how to make NVivo work for you and your project.

Why QuotesWork?

The power – and richness – of qualitative data is in the quotes. In that way, “quotes work.” Finding and using the perfect quote to allow the reader to hear, really hear, the participant’s voice is one of my favourite parts of qualitative analysis. I wanted to reflect that in my company name.

My aim ...

…to accelerate your NVivo competence and enhance your project work – and have a little fun along the way.