NVivo Training

Laura at QuotesWork is a certified NVivo trainer.
She shares her expertise through online
and in-person services.

NVivo Works

Want to learn how to work better with NVivo?

NVivo is a tool that makes qualitative analysis more efficient and effective.  

NVivo adds rigour when working in teams, or in large or mixed methods projects that include qualitative data.

My clients come with all levels of experience with NVivo and qualitative analysis, from none to some to lots.

My passion for teaching NVivo combined with years of experience using the software as a researcher, evaluator, and consultant adds breadth and depth to my knowledge.

Let me share what I have learned about using NVivo with you!

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What My Clients Say

I really did appreciate the way you tailored the training to my situation. It felt very customized. The act of going through the plans and the ‘homework’ made things stick.

Thank you for a great workshop! I found the session very informative with the right balance of general information and hands-on practice. I walked away feeling confident and excited to get started with NVIVO.